Megan McArdle is a columnist and author who has been blogging about food since 2001. She lives in a Washington DC with her husband and her dog, and an elderly kitchen that is known to family and friends as “the appliance museum”.

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  1. David Rademeyer says:

    I was looking up your old Atlantic article about frozen veg for your simple frozen artichoke recipe (delicious by the way, thanks!). I noticed you mentioned that frozen green beens never come out well, and thought I’d share a very quick and easy recipe that’s a staple in my home, which uses French cut frozen green beans:

    1. Heat olive oil in skillet until just before smoking.
    2. Pour frozen French cut green beens directly into skillet on maximum heat, add salt.
    3. When defrosted (1 to 3 minutes depending on burner), lower temperature to medium and cook until all liquid has evaporated and beens have started to soften.
    4. Add black pepper and garlic powder for 1-2 minutes.
    5. Serve.

    Variation if you have demi glace to hand: use demi glace instead of olive oil, omit garlic powder.

  2. Owen Watson says:

    You should either kill off this site or make it a bit more active. As a devotee of your Xmas kitchen gift guides I was really looking forward to your kitchen posts.

    1. mcmeganish says:

      covid-19 has done what exhortation couldn’t; I expect to be blogging here quite a lot over the next few weeks.

  3. DVE says:

    Irs a great pleasure to have you back, unpretentious idiosyncracies and all . .

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